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Best texture packs for Minecraft and PE (Pocket Edition)

Every day Minecraft surprises with more and more new things. That’s why it is impossible to miss the opportunity to bring the best texture packs for Minecraft and PE edition (Pocket Edition), which allow you to change the root of the game and give it a more real, dynamic and friendly touch. Increase your hours of play and fun!

The textures shown in this top were developed by Minecraft Java and later, the PE covers. From their existence until today, they have undergone multiple editions and modifications that allow a better experience of the general terrain, with global corrections and updates.

The 3 best texture packs for Minecraft PE

When choosing texture packages, there are several factors to consider. For example, originality is one of those items that always add up, as well as the version of Mainecraft you have installed.

So, now we will discuss which are the best packs, which versions support them and the best details of each of them.

1. PureBDCraft (version 1.12, 1.13 y 1.14)


texture packs for Minecraft  PE

We opened this top with the most futuristic. This texture offers a much more caricatured landscape. It has the main elements and everything the game has again. A detail to note is that it comes default in 128×128 resolution (for high-end smartphones). However, it can be modified and placed in the classic 64×64 or 32×32 for those who do not have such a powerful device.

The fire and shield, which are two of the objects that usually cause problems in packaging, make an exception in this, as they are included. In addition, in the case of fire, the smoke also comes out in a more animated and dynamic way.

Even the smallest detail can surprise you in this pack. The grass, the leaves, the sky, the rocky structures and much more. Without a doubt, this is the most complete and with the most downloads. In addition, it brings zero lag and allows you to enjoy the game without great complications.

2. Soartex Fanver (version 1.12 y 1.13)


If there is something that has become a highlight of this texture it is angel wings, which have a more computerized optimization and adapted to MCPE so that they look as real as possible. Not to mention that, at the moment of taking flight, they expand with an animation fun enough to watch.


The water is beautiful with this texture, with a little more darkness and shadow. Also, the weapons have the same features and it looks like you can see everything in 3D. This includes the trident, which was introduced in version 1.12 and now has its own Soartex Fanver shape.


3. Steve Tradicional (all version up to 1.14)


We closed the top with one of the most classic packages of all. This texture is made for lovers of the original, as the Traditional Steve has become famous for having the basic essence of the game at its best.

Imagine the classic Minecreaft PE, but with better graphics, more fluid and more fun. It is like an evolution of the game without having to change it completely. Also, it has all the new items, but with an improved quality.

This texture includes the main elements, such as the sword, shield, axe, pickaxe, potions and some food. Then brings the armor with advanced resolution and different types of minerals, such as gold, diamonds, iron and emerald.

Even the lighting is amazing. Even if you enter a cave, you will have an above average range of vision. The water looks much clearer.

How do I install textures on Minecraft PE?

How do I install textures on Minecraft PE

To install these and any other textures, just follow these steps:

First, you need to download the desired file.

Then, search for it in the “Downloads” folder and click on the screen (the file will be renamed with .mcpack at the end.

Finally, the game will open automatically and the texture will be imported in a few seconds. Then you will have to go to the game settings and activate it.