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skin di fortnite per minecraft

No doubt Fortnite has been a great success in the world of video games, especially for its particular and fun style of play and its crazy characters. However, if you are a fan of Minecraft and you are a fan of this game, you can put them together with the best Fortnite skins for Minecraft that I bring you in today’s post.

So if you want to embark on an epic adventure by customizing your Minecraft character with the best custom skins of Fortnite Battle Royale, then you should read on. I assure you that here you will find some designs that will always make you have a great customization of your characters.

Which are the best skins of Fortnite Minecraft?

If you are looking for Fortnite Minecraft skins for Minecraft, I have put together the first 10 choices. So, without further delay, let’s start with this top 10:

1. Derp Mewscles

fortnite skin minecraft

This is a very muscular cat and can be unlocked in the game, this despite being a fairly simple character is very famous in the world of Fortnite. Many people like the concept of an incredibly muscular cat, and you can get it in Minecraft very simply.


skin fortnite minecraft

This is a character from season 2 of Fortnite, and is characterized by being a woman who loves dynamite. This character in the game has many challenges, but now you can have her in Minecraft without many problems, since she has her skin for you to customize your character with her.

3. Ruby


This is the skin of a girl who is characterized by being dressed in red and has a very sexy look. Her clothing is simply unique and will be perfect to show a simply unique look in the game.

4. Mr Banane


Inspired by the classic character of Mr Banana, this is a skin that you will surely like a lot because it has its own personality. It is a banana in a tuxedo, which adds a really unique touch to your game and will make your character simply unique while playing with your friends.

5. Nomade Drift


No doubt this is a character you should meet if you are a fan of the most famous royale battle of recent times. Therefore, you need to have it as your skin, so that you can always look great, and you can always have a skin that suits your tastes completely.

6. Midas Golden Touch


If everything you touch turns to gold, then this is your perfect skin, especially since it is inspired by the Midas character’s look. In any case, it is a very well made skin that will allow you to have a unique look on your character, getting a look that will represent the touch of gold.

7. Ben


No doubt this character can’t miss if you are looking for a Fortnite skin for Minecraft, since he is one of the most representative characters of the game. This one has a good design, although his face may look like a joke, but it is really a nice design.

8. Aura Winter Style


This is a leather that can not miss in your collection, especially because it looks excellent. In any case, it is inspired by the Aura character, and will allow you to always have great results when you play, especially because you will wear a unique look in Minecraft.

9. Iris Skin


If you like colorful characters, no doubt Iris will always be a good choice, since she is a sexy girl with a pretty colorful dress. That’s why you can have her in your game with this skin, and enjoy a completely customized look that will always give you a unique touch to your character.

10. Red Ripply


It is a leather based on the Red Ripley character, which is characterized by a fairly well crafted finish and always characterized by great results. In any case, it will let you have a pretty amazing look in the game, and that you’ll be able to show your friends when you play online.

These are the best Fortnite skins for Minecraft that I have found, all of them have a great design and make the characters of the game in pixel style. With these you will be able to give a simply unique look to your characters, and show them in front of your friends, because they have a very realistic design.

Can I use these skins in Minecraft PE?

All the skins I showed you in this post are compatible with both PC and Minecraft PE versions. Just download them and follow the procedure to install them in the game depending on the platform you want to play on.

You can also modify them to adapt the design more according to your tastes, so you’ll get great results. Remember that in the world of Minecraft there are no limits to creativity, so they won’t be limited by anything.

No doubt if you are a Fortnite fan, you will surely like some of the skins I showed you in this post. So download them and give your game a new life, changing your look completely and quickly.

Which versions of Minecraft are supported?

This download is compatible with the following versions of Minecraft:

1.11 1.11.1 1.11.2 1.12 1.12.1 1.12.2 1.13 1.13.1 1.13.2 1.14.2

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