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Top 5 free minecraft mods

5 mods minecraft gratuiti

The Best 5 Minecraft Mods for free

Minecraft is a huge game and sometimes players think that some things could make the game experience even better, so they decided to create the improvements themselves, thus giving life to the famous mods. These valuable tools are shared by many of the creators so that the fun of the community is increased and they can get more than they enjoyed in the past.

As players we have the possibility to use the tools that others have created and shared, forget about it and improve your Minecraft so that you have hours and hours of guaranteed fun.

1. Journeymap Mod

Minecraft Mods for free

This mod allows you to map any Minecraft world while exploring it in real time. When you get it, you’ll be able to see the map in your browser or as a mini-map within the game. This valuable tool will save you from having to deal with Minecraft’s boring mapping system.

2. OptiFine

Let’s talk about an optimization mode this time. Optifine is what every Minecraft game needs, what this marvel does is to optimize the game to the maximum by making it run faster and at a higher resolution. Say goodbye to delay and add many improvements with Optifine, you can read its specifications and any improvement provided by the web by clicking the button below.

3. Chisel Mod

Chisel Mod Minecraft

This modification is incredible for those who love to build. One of the major attractions of Minecraft is its construction system that allows you to let out your creativity and build practically anything that comes to mind. The only thing that might be needed for a perfect experience is a larger number of decorative blocks. With this mod and your new chisel tool, you’ll be able to forget about this problem, since you’ll be able to cut out a whole new set of decorative blocks.

4. Mechs and Jetpacks mod

Mechs and Jetpacks mod

If you are looking for something completely new that will give you new doses of fun Mech and jetpack mod is for you. This mod adds Mechs, so they are Mechs of mass destruction and jetpack. Add a touch of futuristic fun to your Minecraft with this tool and enjoy the control of robots.

5. Healcraft

This handy mod adds different medical tools to the game to help you survive or maybe not… with this you’ll be able to stuff syringes, which you can fill with medicine or even poison and become a stealthy killer. Stand out as an expert in medicine, including healing your Minecraft.

With these mods you will be able to improve your gaming experience and have more fun, but if you are looking for a completely new experience and unexplored worlds of fun we recommend you to read our mod pack article.