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What Games like Minecraft Exist

giochi simili a minecraft

Minecraft has undoubtedly been a phenomenon since it came on the market a few years ago, which is why many games have copied its style. Today we will talk about games similar to Minecraft that exist on the market, which will allow you to have all the elements you need.

In this post we will talk about Minecraft games that can be found on the market. So, I invite you to keep reading so that you can play and have fun with this type of games in a simple way.


Here are some games like Minecraft that you should try. Among the main ones are:

1. Terraria

game like minecraft

No doubt this game has a great influence from Minecraft, since it has a very similar style, but in 2D style. It is available on all platforms, including cell phones, and there you can do many things there, such as building the ground, accumulating materials and discovering secrets in a very exciting way.

No doubt this is a game that will allow you to go beyond the Minecraft experience, but in a completely 2D environment.

2. Lego Worlds

 lego worlds game

It is no secret that, for years, Minecraft has been compared to LEGO sagas. And although they are different in detail, it is a fact that there are also great similarities. That’s why, in the 2020 issue of LEGO Worlds, fans of the construction and adventure world joined the game.

With its blocks and a slightly more limited construction, this new version consists of a completely open world that allows you to realize pondered and prefabricated works at will. Besides, it is important to note that whatever you create, you can use it to solve missions within the game. This version is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC (on Steam).

3. Block Story

game Block Story

Being one of the most similar to Minecraft, it is an RPG where you’ll be immersed in an open world, so you’ll be able to modify and build as you want. In any case, you can be in dragon fights, have magical weapons, and learn new skills and complete missions.

In addition, this game can be quite customized with different textures and mods, which will allow you to have a game very similar to Minecraft.

4. Trove

game trove

This is another game that is inspired by the universe of Minecraft, where you will find a vast open world to explore. It has many customization options, making your characters unique.

It is a game that focuses on online mode on both consoles and PCs, and strongly encourages players to interact with each other. With this game you can have a perfect combination between Minecraft and an MMORPG, which will make you passionate about the game and will not want to stop playing because of its multiple activities.

5. Dragon Quest Builders

Dragon Quest Builders

Those who once enjoyed the Dragon Quest saga will surely be interested in this episode. It is a sort of indirect spin off, but set in blocks, although much less pixelated than Minecraft and with a resolution well above average. In any case, it still has a certain essence of the game, in the sense that you also have to look for materials and build buildings.

This is a construction game that has RPG features and has recently been released on today’s most popular platforms, such as Nintentdo Switch and PlayStation 4. This game takes place in the mythical city of Alefarg, where the adventures of the original Dragon Quest begin.

6. Mini World

Mini World game

The next on the list is perhaps the game closest to MInecraft. At least in terms of graphics, of course. Mini World is a game that combines the exploration mode of the classic Minecraft and the adventure of any high level saga.

It is a rather interesting story that can vary depending on the decisions you make and a path that is traced by the player himself. This is a caricatural 3D world, but with an excellent resolution. It has many mechanics similar to the classic geometric game and brings as a bonus, several alternative mini-games that can become an unforgettable and innovative experience.

7. Cube World

Games like Minecraft cube worlld

Have you ever imagined a game completely oriented to wizards and dungeons, but in pure Minecraft style? Your answer was most likely positive. However, sometimes imagining it is not enough. That’s why they created Cube World. This is an adventure of dungeons, big scary monsters and a very good experience with a variety of races and modes. Also, it is noteworthy that this game is a bit more focused on fighting. But, however, it does not lose the essence of fun.

This is the selection of the best games similar to Minecraft, and that have a clear inspiration from this game. So, if you are a fan of the game, no doubt in your library of games that I mentioned in this post will also have a place because they will give you a very similar style.