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How to install a mod on minecraft step by step

Come installare un mod minecraft

Mods are extensions designed to modify the original game, allowing you to create new opportunities and content within the game itself. Today we know them very well and in some cases it is impossible to get the most out of a game without them.

A clear example of this is Minecraft, this great game has a lot of content that is always being updated making it a resounding success, and although the game is quite complete, with the use of mods the possibilities become endless. Fans and creators have managed to introduce us to the story modes, minigames, new textures, new creatures and a number of improvements that you can’t miss.

Below we guide you through a step-by-step tutorial so you can install these mods and start enjoying the countless options that this game has to offer.

How to install a mod on minecraft?

Afterwards we will give you instructions so that you can install any mod you want in a quick and easy way, just following a few steps. Once you learn how to do it, it will take no more than a few minutes to install a mod that will guarantee you hours of fun.

1. The first thing

To do to install mods is to download a software. This program is Forge, which will allow you to create and run mods in a fast and effective way. To do so, just click the button below.

To download, select the version of Minecraft you have, (normally it will be the last one, since the game updates automatically), once you choose the version of the game that suits you, the web will offer you two options: the latest forge version and the most stable or recommended one. We recommend you to download the recommended one, as it contains fewer bugs, but the decision is up to you, once you have made your choice, click on Installer.

how to install a mod

Once you have done this step, a new tab will open, where you only have to select the Skip key. After waiting 5 seconds, the download will start automatically.

How to install a mod on minecraft

2. Set Forge.

Once downloaded the software we have to install it, but first of all we have to make a backup folder of our Minecraft to avoid possible problems. To do so, just go to the folder where you installed it and make a copy of the game files.

If you don’t know where the folder is, just click on Windows and type “%appdata%” without quotes in the search box, and you’ll see how the roaming folder will immediately appear, where you’ll find a .minecraft folder, this is the one you should copy.

Now we will continue with the installation by searching for the .exe file we downloaded in the previous step and double clicking on it. Once this is done, a window will open offering 3 options: install as client, as server or extract. Once again you have to decide what suits you best, however in this tutorial we will choose the client option which is the one that interests us as normal users.

How to install a mod on minecraft

Once you have chosen the most convenient option, you need to choose the OK button to start the installation, after a moment a sign will appear to warn you that the installation was successful.

Once this step is finished, we will go to the .Minecraft folder and check if a folder with the name “mods” has been created inside it. If you do not see this folder, proceed to create it manually.

Ready! With these simple steps you are ready to install as many mods as you want.

3. Finally

Just download the mods of your preference and copy the file you get from each download process into the mods folder we just created.

As you can see, this is a process that won’t take much time and will allow you to play all the mods you ever wanted. So don’t waste any more time and go enjoy your Minecraft to the maximum.

Which versions of Minecraft are supported?

This download is compatible with the following versions of Minecraft:

1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15