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trova il diamante minecraft

The Minecraft diamond is a very valuable object. So much so that from it comes a multitude of objects of indispensable use within the video game such as tools, weapons, spell tables and armor. This is why no player can resist the idea of locating it and through this guide we will tell you how to do it.

Do you want to find diamonds in Minecraft? Well, here you will have all the information you need to find them. Keep in mind that they are quite scarce and therefore difficult to locate. For this reason we recommend you to be very patient and willing to start the procedure as soon as possible.

Discover minecraft diamonds

There are three methods to find diamonds during the course of this video game available for Xbox 360 and PS4. The mechanisms that we will show you are designed to get as many of these stones as possible, although obviously it is quite complex.

First method: The boxes

Yes, it is true, it is mining, but what do you think? You can also find diamonds inside the cases that cross your path. They are in dungeons, villages, fortresses, mines, desert or jungle. The chances of finding diamonds in the crates are poor, but of course try as many times as you need.

Second method: they are in full view

There is no doubt that this is one of the preferred methods for players because it involves adventures without limits. If you choose this mode you can enter any of the holes, and fight against spiders, zombies and skeletons. It is also about exploring cracks and caves until you reach the precious Layer 16.

To live this adventure you will need to bring your supplies with you. Then you’ll have to bring a good life-size iron armor, flashlights and food.

Third method: Mining grid

It is specially designed for the quietest players. Yes, it’s about shredding large plots of land in search of diamonds in Minecraft with peace of mind. To successfully complete this process, consider the following elements:

Make a pit up to layer number 11. Avoid making the pit near your home, otherwise you will need to remove much more stone.

When you reach level 11, create your mining base. You will need to bring a bed, an oven, a workbench and a storage room.

Create a grid of corridors with mining exploration. In each corridor you will have to make a single entrance, all in cardinal direction

We have already referred to the fact that diamonds in Minecraft are scarce, so you can find them in the first grid. You will always look for ways to keep digging to find more diamonds

What you should know about diamonds

minecraft diamond

There are a number of myths about Minecraft diamonds that you should know. One of them is that these precious stones are found near lava. Well, there is nothing less true than that.

Lava is in layers 4 and 10, while diamonds could start appearing between 11 and 12. In conclusion, do not follow lava because you will never find what you are looking for.

Now tell us if you dare to explore and find the diamonds you are looking for in the fascinating world of Minecraft.