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download launcher minecraft ufficiale

If you want to enter the world of Minecraft and make the most of the experience with your friends, then you will need the official Minecraft launcher. In this way, you can start the game on your computer, and then start playing online with your friends.

In the market you will find hundreds of different launchers, but only the one I bring you here is the official one created by Mojang. So just select the version of the game you want to download from the next buttons to get the official Minecraft launcher for your system:

su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”default” background=”#FFFFFF” color=”#1E90FF” size=”11″ wide=”no” center=”yes” radius=”auto” icon=”icon:cloud-download” icon_color=”#1E90FF” text_shadow=”none” desc=”” download=”” onclick=”” rel=”nofollow” title=”” id=”” class=””] DOWNLOAD MINECRAFT LAUNCHER OFFICIAL MAC[/su_button]

Why download the official Minecraft launcher?

The official Minecraft launcher will allow you to have a great game experience without any kind of bug or failure in the game. In any case, this will let you get better results than other types of launchers that are modified by users.

However, this one comes completely original without any kind of modification for the game, which will let you play the original game. If you want to add changes, you’ll have to download the Forge API or the Optifine API, so you can add any type of modification to your game and get a much more complete experience.

How to install the game?

To install the game is very simple, just download the file depending on your operating system. Once downloaded, just install it like any other application on your computer, following the steps of the installation program, and you will get good results.

Remember that it is essential to have an internet connection in order to start the game for the first time. After that, if you want to play offline you won’t have any problem, because the game will be fully activated on your computer.

Do I have to be premium to play with this launcher?

Yes, it is essential to have the paid version of the game in order to play with the official Minecraft launcher. Otherwise, you’ll only enjoy a free trial of the game, although in both cases you’ll have to create your account on the Mojang platform.

That’s why, if you don’t have the paid game, it would be good to have another non-premium pitcher like TLauncher. In this way, you will enjoy all the variety that Minecraft offers without having to worry about having a premium account, but you can play completely free without any limitations.


Which versions of Minecraft are supported?

This download is compatible with the following versions of Minecraft:

1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15