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How to make the minecraft nether portal?

portale del nether minecraft

Do you want to know how to realize the Minecraft Nether portal? You have come to the right place, here we will explain in a very simple way how to overcome the mysterious and a bit scary realities of the Minecraft world.

The truth is that making portals in Minecraft requires a certain level of gaming experience if you decide to use the normal mode and not the creative one. This is because the realization of portals requires rare materials that require a certain technique to be extracted and “made” in turn.

How to make the portal for Nether

If you have enough courage and curiosity to face the terrors of Minecraft’s hell you can continue reading, because below we will give you the steps to build this famous portal.

With diamond point

There are two main ways to make the portal to nether. One of the most famous includes a diamond point. This tool is used to make “obsidian” the hardest mineral in the game. But how to do it?

Ingredients for the diamond tip

(3) Diamond.

(2) Wood. (Stick)

You should know that to obtain a minimum diamond you need a peak of iron, which you must still produce following the formula, but using iron, of course.

Do you want to know other ways to obtain diamonds? We will tell you about them here. Three methods to find diamonds in Minecraft

-Place the 3 diamonds horizontally in the top row.

-Two wooden sticks in the center of the grid.

Obsidian mine

Find a lava hostel that explores the world. One way to get to the lava is to dig at least between layers 1 – 10.

Take an empty bucket to store water and take it with you to the lava.

When you have the lava in front of you, keep in mind that pouring water over the lava will turn it into obsidian, as long as it is as static as a block of lava. Very important: if it flows, it will not become obsidian and you will lose the water!

If you have done it correctly, you will have one block of obsidian for each block of lava you pour water into. Do it as often as you need it and the lava will allow you to do it… We recommend that you make at least 10 blocks of obsidian.

Remember to collect the obsidian by digging with your diamond pick, otherwise you will waste the beautiful mineral created.

Create the portal for Nether

The way to position the portal is to form a complete frame from the ground, with a 5×4 proportion.

That is, you will have a portal formed by 4 blocks below and above, separated by 5 blocks of height. If you want, you can leave the blocks at the corners of the portal without positioning them.

Activate the magic of the portal

minecraft nether portal

To do this you need a lighter or cigarette lighter. Basically what you need is a fire, so burn something and throw it inside the portal.

Once activated it will have a mystical purple color that will drag you into another dimension by simply touching it.

You dare to enter the Nether? Take a step forward and you will see how in a few seconds a journey to the other dimension begins.

Since Minecraft is a game whose essence is creativity, there are other ways to create this portal and many others, like the Diamond Portal or the Portal to the End.

Alternative to create a Nether portal

You will always need the same thing, but the ways to get the raw material, this case, obsidian, change: you can do it without the tip of a diamond! However, you need to build a waterfall with a structure of earth and buckets of water and lava.

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