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How do you make potions in Minecraft? Are you an apprentice magician and looking for the wisdom to master the secrets of alchemy and become a master of potions? In Minecraft you can make multiple combinations to prepare special “potions”. These potions are composed of mixtures of materials and are prepared with a special instrument known as a stand potion.

In our article we explain how to make potions in Minecraft to make you become an expert magician.

Minecraft Potions

These curious chemicals serve for better or for worse. That is, if you drink them, they can produce positive or negative effects depending on the recipe you follow for their preparation.

Throwing potions

It is not only about the player, but also about other characters and crowds. You can also make throwing potions by adding gunpowder as an ingredient.

Of course, it is better to have a recipe guide to make everything much easier.

Steps for making potions in Minecraft

First of all, we must have some indispensable material to do our magic.

Create support for the potion

To prepare potions it is essential to have this tool. As a chemical laboratory, this potions stand will hold the bottles with which we will make the mixtures and will make their production possible.


(1) Flame rod.

(3) Stone paving.

How to make potions in Minecraft?

Create glass jars


3 Normal glass

minecraft potions

Fire dust:

All you need is your flame stick. Put it in the middle of the production table and you’re done.

potions minecraft

Wart of the underworld

To find it, you must travel to the fortresses of Nether. Enter here to find out how to make the portal.

wart of the underworld

Preparation of potions in Minecraft

Prepare the Rare Potion.

Once you have all the chemical equipment ready, you can start assembling the bottles that will contain the powerful concoctions of the future. Follow these steps to begin your magical journey.

-Put your potion holder in your favorite place in the laboratory and open it.

-Fill each crystal bottle with water and put them in the slots at the bottom of the machine. As you can see in the picture below.


-Put enough Blaze Powder in the top left corner, because this will increase the magic power.

-Take the Nether wart carefully and put it on top of the machine.


Your rare potions are ready. The water bottles are now called “Rare Potion”. This is the basis for practically all other potions. Therefore, whenever you want to make a potion with positive or negative effects, you should have some Rare Potion at hand.


If you want to start practicing Minecraft witchcraft, we recommend you to do your best to keep them in a useful reserve.

Making different potions

Now you know how magic works. As with all Minecraft, it’s about getting the right ingredients and following the recipe. Making potions follows the same rule.

minecraft potions

Basic formula

Almost all potions have the same base and are prepared in the same way: Rare potion + fire powder + special ingredient. What varies is the “special” ingredient that will give effect to our infusion.


In some cases, specialized potions are combined to make others more powerful or with different effects. This is the case with the invisibility potion.

In this particular case, the night vision potion is used, with the addition of a fragmented spider eye.

Prepare the speed potion:

Rare potion + fire powder + special sugar ingredient

The result, in our hands our first special potion. Its effects are “positive” as they give us a higher attribute: 20% speed.

How to have night vision:

Put a rare potion on your magic shelf and add the special ingredient, the Golden Carrot, plus the vital Flame Dust.

As a result, your night vision potion is ready to use and defeat any mob in the thickest darkness.