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How to download the Skin in Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)

download the skin in Minecraft PE

Learn how to quickly download the skin for Minecraft PE, so you can have a completely customized look in your game.

With these steps, you’ll be able to have your skin working very fast in your game, and you’ll have the possibility to use the look you like best. This procedure also applies to the latest versions, but it is valid for all versions of the game.

Steps to download the skin in Minecraft PE

Downloading the skin in Minecraft PE is really easy, and you just need to make sure you have the model you like best:

1. Download the skin that you want to put in the game in the memory of your phone.

2. Enter the game, and when you open it you have to go to the icon of the hanger where your character appears.

download the skin  Minecraft PE

3.Once inside the game, you have to play on the empty skin. If you already have a custom skin saved, the character in this skin will appear. And you have to click where it says “New look”.

skin minecraft pe

4. Finally, you have to select the skin you have in your cell phone’s gallery, and then you’ll have it ready to start playing.

This is the whole procedure to download the skin for Minecraft PE, making it possible to get the results you were looking for. This way you won’t have any drawbacks.

Which versions of Minecraft are supported?

This download is compatible with the following versions of Minecraft: