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tridente minecraft

The Minecraft trident is known as one of the launch weapons for hand-to-hand combat, and is achieved as long as a drowned person is killed. It is characterized by the fact that it must be collected at the time of launch, otherwise it can not return, it can also be enchanted by loyalty.


How to get the trident Minecraft

It should be emphasized that these tridents are not producible, but are obtained after a drowned man has been killed, as a reward, since, being his attack weapon, the chances that this weapon is left as a reward are very high.

It should be noted that only natural drownings are those with tridents, not those turned into zombies. Although it is possible that they can make a trident fall.

To get them, we can make them from the ground, after they have been thrown, in a similar way, as with arrows.

Trident spells in Minecraft


You can find it from version 1.13 on, and it is a feature that refers to the fact that every time you launch the trident it returns to you, as if it were a boomerang effect. You can also enchant through the book of lapis lazuli by going to the “enchant” menu, and placing the book right in the first section.


Thanks to this pendant, our trident can be used as a fast means of transportation. Tridents with this pendant can only be launched when the player is standing in the water.


A unique charm, but can only be used when there are thunderstorms, which do not occur very often, if you throw the trident during the storm, it will make the lightning fall from the sky to some enemy that you previously hit with the trident Minecraft.

Polluted waters

It may push a trident that is underwater, or a storm may be able to transport it to a specific competent person, who will inflict splash damage.


Able to cause hand-to-hand damage, and even extra damage over watery turf distances, provided they are generated naturally within the ocean, can also inflict additional damage to other players.


Able to increase the life of each object, so that the weapon can last much longer before it breaks.


If you have enough experience with Minecraft, you’ll be able to gain the necessary experience to make repairs.

And that’s how you can use the Minecraft trident, and all the spells, in a very funny way, remember that if you don’t have it, you can get it when you kill a drowned man.

The Minecraft trident is considered one of the best weapons within Minecraft, so it is definitely worth having it with you.

Which attacks can be done with the trident?

It is important to know how to attack with the trident so that you can have good results. In any case, for hand-to-hand attacks, a left mouse click is enough, as long as you have the trident in your hand.

But if you want to launch the trident for a long distance attack, you need to hold down the right button to load the bar. When you release the right click the trident will be released, however, the tridents you launch can be collected by both you and the other players.

Tips for repairing the Minecraft trident

It is important to note that tridents have the same lifespan as iron swords, so it is very important to repair Minecraft tridents. There are 4 ways to repair the trident:

-The first option is to combine two damaged tridents on the mapping table, but this option removes the spells from the trident

-Another option is to join two damaged tridents in the grinder, and this method will also remove the spells.

-It is possible to attach two tridents to an anvil, which is the best option to repair Minecraft tridents, because it will maintain the spells

-Use the repair spell we talked about above.

The trident is a very useful weapon when it comes to playing Minecraft, since you can attack enemies both in melee and at a distance. Without a doubt you should no longer wait and look for the drowned ones so you can have your trident and start using it to defeat your enemies more easily.