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Anyone who has played Minecrafft at least once knows Vegetta 777, one of the most influential youtubers and content creators in the video game world. The Spaniard, co-author of the Karmaland series, along with other celebrities, is known to have a rather curious texture pack with a rather unique stamp.

For this reason, in this article, we will show you how to download the Vegetta 777 texture pack and how to configure it. In this way, you can see the world as your idol.

What is the texture pack used by Vegetta 777?


There is a lot of controversy on the Internet about what is the final texture pack used by Vegetta 777. At first it was said with certainty that it was the Soarex Fanver, one of the most classic that exist. However, little by little, new rumors were emerging.

Today it is uncertain. The same influencer said that he will not reveal in detail what his specifications are when he will run Minecraft on his computer, but he assured that all members of the Karmaland series (Willy Rex, Rubius, Fargan, Fargan, Mangel, Lolito, Alxby11 and Luzu).

Actually, Vegetta 777 uses two very similar types of texture packages, but with some small differences. Both are from Soarex, but it’s not only Fanver, but also Invictus, which is a similar model to the previous one, but improved and with reliefs and graphical improvements.

How to download the texture pack?

To download this package, it is very simple, although it depends a lot on the version of the game you have installed on your computer and, of course, on the configuration you put on it when you open Minecraft.

1. Soartex Fanver (version 1.12, 1.13 y 1.14)

Soartex Fanver

What stands out most in this version is the theme of lighting, which is usually high even in more enclosed places, such as mines, underground and any other cave. In addition, the water seems much more real, with the movements of the waves. This is complemented by a new presentation of the main objects, such as weapons, jewelry, wings and much more.

Despite being a very futuristic package, the Fanver does not lose the structural essence of the game and keeps the shape of the square base, only in higher resolution and with a better quality. Not to mention that it is available for versions between 1.12 and 1.14. Here are the links.

2. Soartex Invictus (versión 1.11 y 1.12)


Unlike Fanver, this new version of Soartex is much more advanced and with more realistic graphics. It is a package of textures that highlights the relief of the leaves and details in the rocks. It also highlights the hearts of life, which seem more alive.

The only negative point of the Invictus is that the water loses dynamism. But in return, it gets a more pronounced sky and many improvements in the main voices. Also, armor and weapons are seen in 3D, which is not the case with Fanver. Unfortunately, being also more advanced, this package is only available in two versions (1.11 and 1.12).