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world edit per minecraft

Mod World Edit is a very easy to use Minecraft map editor that will allow you to create incredible worlds. With a combination of commands you can sculpt a new earth or simply perform numerous terraforming operations.

This mod allows you to quickly create, replace and remove thousands of blocks in seconds. No more time is wasted doing annoying activities like fixing the place where the water flows. You’ll have convenient tools to use to save time when creating your custom maps.

WorldEdit works for a single reader or on a server. Besides, it won’t prolong loading times and won’t have any impact on your game until you use it. It won’t cause modal conflicts and will be present when you need it.

What will we find when we install World Edit Minecraft?

The tools and functions offered by this mod are really numerous, but we must mention the most interesting ones.

With the use of commands you create predefined structures, you can change the material of any block or building. In addition, you will be able to organize spheres and other geometric figures.

You’ll be surprised by the interesting features related to builders and map creation you’ll get.


What is the installation process of the WorldEdit Mod for Minecraft?

The first thing to do to install this mod correctly is to download the Minecraft Forge program. Click on the following button to get it for free.

After installing the Forge, download the mod by clicking the button below.

Copy and paste the file you received when you downloaded the mod into the .minecraft/mods folder in the program files. If this folder was not created automatically, do it manually.

Open the game to start enjoying this incredible mod, which doesn’t limit you to creating incredible worlds.

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